Trash to Treasure….by Uncle Mahlon

Now I don’t recall being entertained in my life.  Any entertainment we had we had to make for ourselves.  At Shuberts, I remember Beatrice and I walking over across the pasture to a place that was close to 50 highway where the people from Jeff City would come out and dump their trash.  We made this trip every couple weeks.  We’d always find goodies.  Like a two wheeled wagon, and a one wheeled tricycle, and a one wheeled bicycle.  there never was a whole piece.  We had to make whatever we wanted out of the parts and then play with it.  It was lots of fun to make stuff.  To make our toys so we had something to play with.

One thought on “Trash to Treasure….by Uncle Mahlon

  1. I would have liked to have seen some of your inventions. Does that come under the heading of entertaining yourself. No TV, no internet, no cell phone, no hand held devices! What world was that? Maybe the aliens got you too.

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