The Floods….by Aunt Sis

It seemed the floods came every year, how I hated them.  We not only lost fields of food for ourselves and sock, but so did our relatives and friends and neighbors.  You could see a chicken coop, or a dog house float by with vegetation of all kind.  After the Lord had calmed the storm there would be sloughs of water standing where fish had gotten trapped as the water went down.  Grandpa Matthias made a spring holding tank up where it was safe from flooding.  there he would place fish that he caught in the slough for  keeping till we were hungry for a fish dinner.   One of the fish that they got was an electric eel.  It was about 4 ft long.  Adolph and Matthias put it in a large tub on the cistern rock.  Theresa decided she would try to kill it by putting a 5 inch peeler in the center of it’s head.  I was standing there watching and you never saw such a sight, as Theresa jabbed the knife in its head, such a commotion.  The handle was still standing up on its head and the sparks were flying like a 4th of July Sparkler!  It did finally die and my, was that fish delicious.  I was 7, I think.

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  1. I remember hearing this story as a lil’ kiddo. It was one of the cool stories that made my Grandma pretty cool (not simply a city slicker). I figure not too many people who frequent this site would be able to recall this story first hand. Would this be property in the Moreau River floop plain?

    • I am so glad this story got told from Sis.(Lillian) I heard about the floods and fish at the first place.( for those who are not sure , the The first place is where mother went after she married father. It was the house Father was raised in. Granpa Sommerer lived with them and Aunt Dora until Aunt Dora married uncle Herbert.I am not sure where Aunt Margaret was living at the time because she wasn’t married yet.I don’t remember if Mothers Diary tells how many people were living in the house at the time she was married.I don’t remember the story about Mother and the electric eel I do remember them talking about the different fish and the floods, but that was a different world then I lived in. It was on the Moreau River and that house is still being lived in by two young men who are our cousins. I have their e-mail addresses Nathan i will be happy to take you there. Those were the good old days.I enjoyed hearing this story. I wish there were more.

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