Heit’s Point 2011

Sorry, I’m not as good at this as Lloyd.  I can only post the photo, not the mirror image with numbers so you can tell me who everyone is.  But you are all welcome to post who you think is in each row.

If you didn’t see my earlier note, here is the address to order pictures if you would like:   I posted all of the pictures I took to Walmart’s photo center.


8 thoughts on “Heit’s Point 2011

  1. Completely different subject…can anyone put together a (sorta) chronology of Mother’s (Grandma Erhardt Sommerer’s)girlhood. I know bits and dabs, and Lolly has some of it on video and I copied that to a dvd, but there are a lot of cute stories she told different people of her girlhood. I’d love to have all the stories I can get and maybe we can piece something together that is written, if nothing like that exists now.

    • Aunt Naomi – I hope that I do not ruin your plans with the stories of Grandma when she was a little girl, however she was NOT a little girl! She told me that when she was young, she was a little BOY! She told me this when I was a little boy and staying at the farm during the summers.

  2. You stinker!!!! Here are a few things (very few) I heard from various family members and I’d love to know if they are true and like to know more… that Mother had the job of going to the brewery down the street (Dunklin)every evening and get a bucket of beer for her dad (my grampa). Someone told me that Mother (being the last of the kids) was very spoiled. I’d love to know more about that. I’d like to know what schools she went to in Jeff City and then when they moved from Jeff City, where she went to school. She talked about watching the Capitol burn and about watching hangings at the jail (I think the old jail was on the property where the existing city offices are on the corner of Monroe and McCarty). Does anyone know anything more about that?

    • Naomi my version of that story is: Mother would go to the brewery and get a pail of beer for grandpa to eat with his lunch at noon time. in my mind I always thought of the old molasses buckets that held about a half gallon of molasses. I think a gallon would have been to much , but possibly he could have consumed a half gallon with each lunch.

  3. I hate to tell all of you Sommerer girls but you WERE raised by a boy. I wish I had a dime for every time Grandma told one of us that “Well when was a little boy I would pick my mess after playing in the yard” Or, “When I was a little boy I would help my Daddy do this or that”…. Pete and Lloyd are both exactly right—Grandma was a little boy at one time.

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