Christmas….by Aunt Bea

When the Orchid Room needed to be heated, we had a coal oil stove that worked kind of like a coal oil lamp or lantern.  The Orchid Room was small and usually not used.  That’s where mom hid the Christmas cookies.  Boxes and boxes of all kinds of cookies, under the bed.  Also our Christmas tree was in that room with may boxes of gifts from Elizabeth, Sis, Bud & Felix and maybe some from Mom.

On the day before Christmas about noon time Daddy would get into the Christmas mode.  From that time until the day after Christmas he would not fuss at anyone or do anything to upset the Christmas spirit in our house  It was his Christmas gift to us, to his family.  This held true as long as I knew my dad.  Life is tough, when someone says Merry Christmas or any such greeting it takes me back to our humble way of life on the farm.

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  1. Hello everyone! Sorry no posts for a while. Say, Vernon’s 85th birthday is in 2 weeks, Saturday, October 8. It just hit me how huge this is, and wondered if anyone has any great ideas how to celebrage a truly-senior’s birthday without sending them into cardiac arrest. Since its over Columbus Day 3 day weekend, how cool would it be to have a mini-family reunion for whoever could come, either in St. Louis or Jeff City? Who’s going to be around?

    • Mary Jane…..sorry this comment is posted late, but if you plan it, they will come. If you want it to be a surprise in St. Louis, you can use our house, but you will need to let me know right away. You also need to start calling people instead of relying on the web site because a lot of people are hit and miss on here. I am sure all of the brothers and sisters would come for a birthday party (they just had a big one for Aunt Bea some time in the past year). And any of the cousins who could make it.

  2. I think my parents took the side of bah-humbug as well. A typical Christmas was a nightgown and one toy, which we had to stretch out all day to open and celebrate. It was different from other families, but they were frugal, and in the end, we didn’t have tons of stuff to throw out or send to rummage sales. And the night gown was worn till it split down the back. Its all about Christ anyway, but I remember Dad’s joy in getting one of those round clear one gallon ice cream cartons full of his Mother’s German Lepkugans (sp), probably frozen up there in the Orchid room.

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