Things I remember about Theresa & Adolph Sommerer… by Aunt Sis (part 2)

Adolph kept busy, if it rained, he found jobs inside, the corn crib or keeping the hay at the ready,.  Oh, the corn cobs made good kindling for starting the old cook stove.  Kindling was my job and washing diapers, that’s a job I, like Elizabeth, hated.  Adolph’s barn stalls were always clean with fresh bedding for his hourses and cattle.  When we were older Grandpa Edwin gave us sheep, but when I was under 8 there were lots of pigs, butchering was a big thing, bailing hay was big, thrashing to get wheat for flour or chicken feed.  Adolph was a good farmer.  They saved wood and they even had a furnace in the basement of the room where I was born, real class!  I always liked to see Adolph come with a hammer, nails and boards as he could build such neat closets and shelves in no time.  Like Mathias, his father, Adolph was great with wood. Lots of nice surprises.

3 thoughts on “Things I remember about Theresa & Adolph Sommerer… by Aunt Sis (part 2)

  1. Daddy constructed the closets in the boys’ and girls’ rooms upstairs at the 7th place. I was amazed at the creative way he did it. The room was still “big” even after closing off the space for a closet. I am thinking that he could have made some really nice furniture if he had a proper workshop and tools.

  2. I remember helping Dady built both of those closets, I think it was part of my 4-h project so I helped him built mine, and then the other one. It was fun to help him. Dady could have been a great carpenter all he needed was a car you could depend on so he could get to work.

  3. Grandpa Edwin Erhardt was Theresa Erhardt’s father. The closets were nice because they were big enough to store things and get them out of sight. He built the closet and inclosed that large trunk that couldn’t be moved out of that room.

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