Grandpa Matthias’ Clock….by Aunt Sis

On the shelf of Grandpa Matthias’s room was a laarge clock that chimed on the hour.  We children loved that clock.  He also had a picture of the old rugged cross where Christians were clinging to be saved from death and the evil power of the devil.  It really did put the fear of the Lord in me.  Then on my Confirmation day Rev. K.F. Schroeder gave me my verse, it was, Psalms 111, verse 10.  The fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom: a good understanding have all they that do his commandments:  His praises endure forever.  I loved singing in choir, I loved Bible class and young peoples meetings, later I lived teaching Sunday School also.  I often think of the young lady who was interviewed as a released prisoner of war, they asked her what her favorite prayer was and she said, “Be near me Lord Jesus I asked thee to stay, beside e forever and love me I pray.  Bless all the dear children in thy tender care, and take them to heaven to live with thee there.”  I knew then she was a Sunday School teacher even in prison

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  1. It would be a real family treasure to have Grandpa’s clock. I wonder what ever happened to it. Did it move with the family when they left the 1st place?

  2. It seems like I remember us having a real old mantle clock when I was small. Cleo Mahlon do you remember it? What happened to it.

    • Dear family , i just talked to Uncle Vernon. He said that Elizabeth had The clock and that I should remember it. Well I don’t. Does anyone else Remember a old black (I think he said Black) clock at Aunt Elizabeths house.I went to her house and cleaned once a week when she was sick and visited there many times, but I dont remember it. He also said i should remember the trunk that followed everywhere we moved. Now I feel a little silly because i think maybe I do.I think it had little 2 inch boards going across it everywhere and maybe it was black. I am sure that Mahlon and Beatrice will remember it. I am so happy to read these writings from Aunt Lillian, how did you get your hands on them?

      • I think that *I* remember that trunk (if it was the one in the boy’s room upstairs). But I was always too scared of the boogeyman to go in that room.

        • Lloyd, if you are talking about the very big trunk in the “boys” room upstairs, that is not the one they are talking about. Dad told me that the really big one in the closet upstairs was moved in before the door was framed in and that it was never moved because it won’t fit through the door.

        • hmmm I dont remember seeing a trunk. But LOVED poking around in those upstairs closets!! I spent more time in the girls room though because of the goat head in the boys room!!!
          So when they moved in the house was the upstairs unfinished?

  3. Cleo,
    Lillian’s stories that we are reading on the Sommerer Family Website are taken from a gathering of stories from us siblings that Peter collected years ago. He gave each of us a copy. You should have it somewhere. If you cannot find it, I’ll be glad to copy it for you. It is about 30 pages I think.

    Is the big trunk still up in the “boys room closet”? I guess, if it is, there is not a way to remove it until a window is taken out or something like that is done. I have been antique shopping for over 20 years and I have NEVER seen one like it. It must be worth a fortune!

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