Uncle Vernon’s Story (part 11)

Elizabeth and Justin married while we lived at Schubert. They moved into a completely furnished 5-room home: a new kitchen, dining room, living room and two bedrooms. Justin had a good job. I suppose he must have saved his money. He was in his late twenties when they married.

I’m not sure how this happened, but I believe that one of the families that Sis worked for in Jefferson City moved to St. Louis and they took her along with them. Later, she met and married Ted Kuegele. Their wedding took place at Honey Creek. Ted’s dad officiated at the wedding. We had the chiverie at our house (Selma’s). We were very poor at Selma’s. The farm was smaller yet than the one at Schubert with no electricity.

I rented ground from Uncle Henry and also Uncle George Miller. I did go to Eugene high school one year while at Selma’s place. Naomi was born on Selma’s place in 1941. Margie started taking confirmation instructions from pastor Bultman then, along with Gilbert Stressnor. She was confirmed in a separate adult class and not with the regular 8th grade kids.


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    • Christina you are asking questions I have had all my life. I dont remember living with Lillian. I only remember her getting married at Honey Creek. Her and the Kuegeles came down from St Louis for the wedding and it was very nice. Later that night they had a crivaree. ( I dont know how to spell this word and i dont want to look it up)I remember helping making sandwiches and it was a happy time because there was a preacher in the wedding party and I guess certin people were on their best behavior. I would like to know when Lillian got her first job and other jobs following that one and I would like to know how old she was when she left home and where she went. I would like to know when she went to St Louis and who she went to work for there.I guess I want a time line of her life. I also want to know who left home first. Elizabeth or Lillian.I understand that Lillian didn’t want to go to school but somehow Elizabeth had a fairy god mother who sent her to school.OK somebody straighten me out.

  1. I don’t see how our family survived in that very small house of Salma’s. The kitchen and dinning room are not large enough for Mothers kitchen table! Where did we set to eat meals. Did the house have a back porch at that time? When Felix and Bud were home from the service,there would have been 11 people living in the house.

    • You know that when you took the extenders out of Grandma’s table it was only about 4′ x 4’…..during the winter we made it small and it fit at the end of the divider in the kitchen….a full size bed also fits between the divider and the window on the other side of the kitchen if anyone was wondering….you learn to live in tight quarters when there is only heat in one room.

  2. I could respond to the Lil (Sis) questions, but it would all be bits of information sprinkled with a dose of hearsay. If her son Ted Kuegele is at Heit’s point, let’s harass him for all of the answers, he’s good for it.

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