Uncle Herbert’s Pictures… Aunt Sis

When I was 4 1/2 years almost, 1923 my Uncle Herbert Sommerer had finished college and come for a visit saying he was going to, as the saying goes, go out and seek his fortune.  He had a Kodak camera that took lovely pictures.  I have some he took that day of Brother Erhardt (Buddie) & me.  Uncle Herbert played the violin.  He smoked a pipe and he was a very happy fellow.

Years went by, Adolph missed him, Grandpa Matthias missed him, they would spend quiet hours wondering where he was and what he might be doing.  About 1928 or so I remember getting close enough to listen to the longing in Grandpa Matthias’s voice and see the tears, wondering where his son was and was he ok?  A few years later Grandpa died and years passed, I got married to Ted J. Kuegele in St. Louis.  We had an apartment in Clayton.  At that time Ted was in the Navy when word came about 1944 that Herbert Sommerer was found in his apartment with a bad stroke and could hardly talk.  He had been a cook at a large hotel.  His sisters Dora, Margaret, and Yetta each came and stayed a few days with me as they visited Herbert at the old St. Louis Hospital.  When he was well enough Aunt Dora had him brought by ambulance to her home at Honey Creek where she cared for him till her death, then he lived longer with his nephew John Erhardt at their home place.  Uncle Herbert, when I visited him at the hospital he tried to ask me something so I guessed he wanted to know about his father Matthias so I said Grandpa Matthias loved you very much and missed you and cried because he was lonesome for you and wondered about you but he is dead now.  Always remember, he always loved you and never forgot you!  Uncle Herbert was a lovely precious soul, My Sweetheart!

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