The Great Heit’s Point Picture Scan of 2011

I sent this out in an email, but I also wanted to get your feedback on anything else that it would be good to bring to archive. Or maybe ideas about how to do it.

I want your old pictures, letters, postcards, recipes, documents and whatever. But I understand if you don’t want to let them out of your site. So put them in an envelope and put your name on the envelope and bring them with you to Heit’s Point.

Sam* and I will scan them and give them right back to you while you wait anxiously over our shoulder. You can even tell us about them and we’ll write that down too. Then we’ll share them with everyone else from the website over the course of the next few months.

I called my dad today (I couldn’t drive down, the roads are closed between here and Missouri) and they already have a list of things to bring to Heit’s Point. If you’ve got a list, add this to it. If you don’t have a list, better start with whatever Becky and Debbie told you to bring, but after that you can add, “An envelope of history” for Lloyd. Remember, if you don’t do this, I’ll probably cry like a little school girl.

This is the perfect way to share things with your family and know that you’ll get them back.

*Sam does not know this yet.

3 thoughts on “The Great Heit’s Point Picture Scan of 2011

  1. Sam asked what kinds of things to bring, and I didn’t really have an answer for him. I’d say bring anything that you think someone else might be interested in seeing. It doesn’t have to be something that everyone would be interested in seeing though.

    What do you guys think?

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