Photo Friday: Grandma & Grandpa

Here’s another picture from Aunt Cleo. On the back of the photo it says, “this was taken in front of the gate with Seven Sister Roses.” But the gate looks different from the one I remember and the gutter (if that’s what it is) seems odd too.

Grandma and Grandpa Sommerer

Does anyone know what year this is?

9 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Grandma & Grandpa

  1. This was the garden gate. You can see some of the garden behind them. They look so nice! I love Mothers hat! I don’t remember that dress though.

  2. Lloyd…HOW did you make Daddy stick out his tongue like that…amazing, clever. I saved it to “My Pictures” and I wonder if it will be animated there.

  3. I think Lloyd should animate a rolling pin in Mom’s hand bopping Daddy on the head when he sticks his tongue out.

  4. I finally figured it out. That is the garden behind them isn’t it. The roses were on the back side of the house. I have to tell you Lloyd was looking at the garden pictures and it still took a second look to figure that out!

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