The Marjorie Beck Story (part 2)

One beautiful October day I took my shoes off in school.  They were new and probably stiff. Well, when it was time to go home, I couldn’t find one shoe.  I had to have another pair of shoes before it got cold.  We never did find out what happened to my shoe!  I was in the second grade then and Vernon in the first.

For the Christmas Program that year Vernon and I sang “Silent Night.”  Before it was our turn to sing, some of the older boys gave Vernon some gum.  We had a hard time singing as he was so busy chewing the gum.  I remember walking to Holzbierleins to get a bucket of water to drink at school.  I believe one of the other kids went with me as I was so little.  There probably wasn’t much water left by the time we got back to school.

We moved the next spring to the “Fourth Place” which belonged to Relius Beck.  He was living in Jefferson City, I believe.  We walked to Honey Creek to Church and Sunday School.  I think it was about four miles.  We still went to Pleasant Valley to school.

3 thoughts on “The Marjorie Beck Story (part 2)

  1. Bea and I enjoyed reading these memories of Margie this morning. I want to go back and find Memories NO.1 and read it again. When we were at school at Oak Grove Lolly and I had to go to Viessmans for a bucket of water because our pump at school broke down. That was a hard job. The reason we were sent was because we were paid to sweep the flowers and clean the blackboards and carry in the wood that was need. we were paid to do janitor work. Mahlon also did this when he went to school there. Mahlon got the janitor job and He and Glenn Hale fooled around and I did the work, so I made him pay me for helping. I put all my money in the bank. Some years later when I needed a coat they took me to town and I bought a red coat at Hermans..I hardly remember wearing that coat.I grew out of it so fast. Beatrice and I enjoyed Margies memories I hope there are more to come.

  2. Margie, I love your stories, Please write more. Do you have any pictures of you and Vernon when you were little? I would love to see them. Cleo did Glenn Hale get any of the janitor money? When you left I lost my job too. I think Barbara Rose and Deloras got to be janitors, They were older then I was.

  3. Wow! at least you got paid to be janitors… Honey Creek, we just got out of the class room for a while. I remember cleaning the principals office, the gym, windows, halling firewood, if we could think of it, we could leave class!

    I also answered the phones for the school from 6th – 8th grade and didn’t get paid a dime!

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