Photo Friday Uncle Edition

Here are a few more from the batch that Aunt Naomi sent in a while ago. Feel free to send in your own photos as well. You can scan them and email them to me, or use your digital camera to take a picture of them and email them to me, or just send me the photos through the post office.

Uncle Vernon, Uncle Felix and Uncle Mahlon

Uncle Mahlon? What do you think?

10 thoughts on “Photo Friday Uncle Edition

  1. These pictures are precious! I can’t believe how much Mahlon looks like Lloyd did when he was little. I wonder if Vernon looked looked the same. Does anyone have a picture of Vernon at around 3-5 years old?

  2. The overalls Mahlon has on must have been passed down from Bud, Felix, & Vernon…I never saw so many patches!!!!

  3. I sure see Pete in the photo of U. Mahlon in the overalls.

    Everyone is invited to a concert April 10th at Honey Creek just after church. It is a free concert by the group Joseph, Doug and I are in–The Makers Dozen. Free is a good price because you will never be out anything except for gas money. It is to raise money (there will be a free-will offering basket) for the Immanuel youth group to go to the National Lutheran Youth gathering in a year or so. It should start about 11:30 ish. We will have burgers/hotdogs to sell for dinner if anyone wants them… Hope to see you all there..

    • I love the name of your group Danny! But I was wondering if there were 12, 13, or 14 of you in the group?? (A baker’s dozen has 13, so does The Maker’s Dozen have 14??)

  4. Eddie Ehrhardt called me yesterday, he said that Johnnie Ehrhardt. was out of surgery, and would be in icu for a long time. His spine was broke, up around the neck. They operated first on his back side, flipped him over and operated on the front. He went in surgery at 8;30 in the morning and got out at 6;30pm His heart took all that stress. He has broken ribs,brused lung, broken wrist, and lots of cuts and bruses. Eddie said he would be in the hospital for a long time. One specialist thought he would be paralyzed and another said he wouldn’t. so we will see. He is in dad shape but stable.

  5. Thanks for asking Tina. The Makers Dozen has 13 of us in it.. You are right about the Bakers Dozen but since we sing praises to our Lord and we are HIS—hence the name, The MAKERS Dozen. It makes for an interesting time trying to get all of us in an area to sing along with the instruments. Hope some of you can come, it will be good to see you. Joseph is getting really good on the fiddle and mandolin, he is a fine young man, the youngest in the group. We were called “The Honey Creek Boys” until we found out there is another group that is named that also. Love to all. Danny

  6. Dear Family,
    Eddie called tonight. Tomorrow they are going to put a trig. in Johnnie, and will put a feeding tube, and air through it so they can take all the junk out of His mouth. He has good use of his arms. but they are being strapped down right now to keep him from pulling all the stuff attached to him out. Pearl is also in the hospital at Capitol Region here in Jeff. They are doing all kinds of tests on her. He doesn’t think they will let her go home anymore to live by herself. I am taking Ralph back to the doctor in Columbia tomorrow, to see if he is able to walk on his leg now. We hope to see Johnnie while over there. Nancy called me last night and ask about Johnnie. She had tried to get Cleo, and Eddie and Judy and couldn’t reach anyone. That is all I know for now.

  7. We just got back from Columbia, The doctor said that Ralphs leg was still healing, that it would take several more months before it was solid. He can put weight on it now, but still has to have it bandaged and in a soft cast. He will be in Therapy, at Health-Plex starting next week. He can not drive, or do anything yet. The doctor made it very clear to him about that. Thank you everyone for your prayers, cards and well wishes. We love you. A. Lolly

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