Aunt Naomi’s Story (part 9)

When I was in 8th grade I had a purple corduroy skirt and a purple and white striped sweater that I loved. Cleo gave me a pink and gray plaid skirt and a matching pink sweater for Christmas one year. It was beautiful. In high school I made myself three broomstick skirts, a few three-tiered ruffled skirts (we wore crinolines under these to make them stick out). I made a yellow dress that had three-tiered skirt, my white confirmation dress and several short and top outfits. We didn’t wear shorts too much. Daddy thought they were not proper, but we did wear them when we were older.

We used to have box suppers at Oak Grove. We would have so much fun preparing our box, hoping some cute young boy would buy our boxes. Our milk man, Irvin Lock, brought mine. Irvin was a bachelor and drove the milk route. He picked up all of the farmers’ milk in 10 gallon milk cans and drove it to Jefferson City to Central Dairy. We had a lot of fun at Oak Grove giving plays. We gave “Obadiah Ozgood, Hammock Song, Gloria in Echelsdeo and others. When we had any kind of function at Oak Grove there was always plenty of good food. We always wanted the cheese and baloney sandwiches Ann Goetz brought. We usually brought candied popcorn. There was so much good stuff.

A few other memories are that of a trailer tot, throwing salt on sparrow’s tail, locking siblings and nieces and nephews in the house, Mother’s roses called “the seven sisters”, the swing in the tree to the east of the house, “swimming” on the cistern rock, pulling wings off of horseflies and tying the fly to a small matchbox to pull the box, lightning bugs, singing at 4-H events and singing on the Johnny Music show on KWOS, etc…

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  1. In the summer,after Mother washed clothes, we had two wash tubs full of rinse water, and the water that was in the wash machine, to get rid of. We took the soapy water from the wash machine and poured it by bucket fulls on the porch, to scrub the porch clean, It was kind of risky laying down on your stomach and crawling or sliding around on the wooden porch floor, you might get splinters of wood in you.But the cistern rock was much safer. The water was poured on the cistern rock and we got down on our bellies and pretended we were swimming, It was especially fun if someone just threw a bucket of water down on you. We would go around and around the cistern rock sliding on our stomachs or behinds. We had to make our own fun. When it was all over we had a nice clean porch and cistern rock. We were clean too. ha The porch would smell so good after it was done.

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