Grandma’s Hickory Nut Tea Cake Cookie Redux

There should be a special category for “things that Lloyd should have put on the website months ago, but never got around to”. I don’t know if everyone saw the link that Julie Baker posted to their successful recreation of Grandma’s Hickory Nut Tea Cake Cookies. If you didn’t, here it is:

I would have posted this sooner, but I was waiting to receive one in the mail.

You can also see the whole Christmas Cookie Extravaganza by clicking on the photo gallery below (you probably have to have a Facebook account for the link to work).

Click for the whole gallery

6 thoughts on “Grandma’s Hickory Nut Tea Cake Cookie Redux

  1. That was a fun day!Thanks to my mom for making up the dough for the hickory nut cookies ahead of time and rolling it into a log so all we had to do was slice and bake them! We made several kinds of cookies and decorated them.Decorating cookies makes a mess! Thanks Bena for opening your house for us to make memories, I mean cookies!

  2. I love img037 of Mother. Of all the photos of her that I have ever seen, both candid and professional, this is my favorite!

  3. Julie that had to be a special day for your family. That Bena is really a wonderful lady isn’t she??? !!!!

    Happy B-Day Becky and many more!!!

    I love those old photos, thank you for putting them on the site.


  4. Aunt Naomi, Is that Greg, Vince or Phil and Derrick??? Who are your boys in that picture?? Sam and Lloyd look like they are full of it in that picture. Tina must have been mad at Julie for not letting her play with the kittens. Tracy (?) was her sweet self in that one too.

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