Sheep buck bucket… by Uncle Mahlon

Later on when we moved to Selma’s place we had sheep.  Now Vernon was always so long legged he could do anything and get away with it.  He would make the sheep buck mad and get the buck to running at him and soon as the buck would lunge on him he would jump up in the air and the sheep would run through his legs.

One day Beatrice and I were going down in the woods with a bucket.  I don’t remember what we were going after.  All at once something hit me and it was the sheep buck.  He had hit me so hard he mashed the bucket flat.  It made me so mad I tried to catch the sheep buck to kill him but I couldn’t catch him.  So that was my experience with the sheep buck until years later when we moved to the last place.  When I was bigger I tried what Vernon did.  I’d make the sheep buck real mad and he’d take out running and then I’d go real slow until I had him lined up with a stump down by the pear tree and I’d jump out of the way.  He hit that stump so hard his nose sarted bleeding and I thought I’d killed him.  Dad’s prize registered sheep buck!  I didn’t do that again.  He lived.

7 thoughts on “Sheep buck bucket… by Uncle Mahlon

  1. We used to ride the sheep when were were little, but I’m sure there was a buck because we had lambs, but I don’t remember him being any meaner than the rest of the sheep…..maybe we didn’t know how to rile them up the way you all did!

  2. Mahlon, Do you remember anything at all about a black, sickly lamb that was given to me as a pet when I was little (at 7th place) and it died shortly after it was given to me? Do you remember telling me that you put it in a big stump down below the “junk pile” after it died? If you can remember anything about that little black lamb, I’d sure like to hear it.

    • Sorry, I have no recollection of it. It was always my job dispose of anything dead so I probably did. Also my job to kill the animals for the meat if it was alive….

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