What they’re searching for

One of the things that you can take a look at in the stats for a website is what people search for when they find your website. In the case of our family website, these are the things that people typed into search engines like google, yahoo and bing to find SommererFamily.com:

  • sommerer family
  • chance sommerer
  • sam sommerer
  • sommerer
  • homestead pickers
  • rachel sommerer
  • teresa sommerer
  • mary beth vetter
  • sommerer family website
  • adolph and theresa sommerer
  • hugo folkemer
  • adolf sommerer
  • liz sommerer
  • judy greer
  • adolph sommerer
  • naomi vetter
  • beth vetter
  • anna sommerer
  • cailey logan
  • gavin ichrist
  • amelia glenn
  • good enough for who its for
  • dorotea sommerer
  • danny sommerer
  • bumbley bumble
  • sommerer family history
  • ollie ollie income free
  • lloyd sommerer
  • sommerer history
  • peter sommerer
  • peeover game fair
  • julia baker lunch box
  • sommerer reunion
  • declan rowland
  • doodle bugs insect calling
  • ollie ollie incomefree
  • chubby pups oregon julie baker
  • sommerer house
  • sommerer family tree
  • johann wilhelm sommerer
  • james sommerer
  • samantha sommerer
  • adolph m sommerer
  • heidi lock
  • tracy vetter allen
  • marybeth vetter jefferson city
  • theresa appolonia
  • heits point review
  • sommerer genealogy
  • paul rowland kansas city
  • sam sommerer who works at immanuel lutheren school in st charles
  • flicker bea putnam photos
  • marjorie beck
  • remember things about grandma house
  • good family website
  • doodlebug hill
  • christina sommerer
  • derrick vetter
  • sommerer jeff city
  • ralph lance sommerer
  • carol sommerer
  • herbert sommerer
  • lauren sommerer
  • christina sommerer rowland
  • julie baker movie
  • mary sommerer
  • sommerer family blog
  • christy vetter
  • lance and chance sommerer

Most of those make sense, but some of them are a little odd. Search for Good Family Website and we come up on the first page. But not for the reason you might expect.

3 thoughts on “What they’re searching for

  1. chubby pups oregon julie baker
    julie baker movie
    julia baker lunch box

    Chubby pups???? I guess I am being stalked! Our dogs are hefty but they are not puppies and no where near Oregon!ha At least they are on the wrong path to find me…yep I am in Qregon…keep looking for me there!! LOL

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