Thunderbolt (Sauerkraut) Cake

Here’s another one from Aunt Elizabeth’s recipe book. Anne Miller sent this in. When you send a recipe in, send in a photo too.

Thunderbolt (Sauerkraut) Cake (I included this one, especially, because I think it sounds revolting and am interested if anyone in the family has eaten or currently makes it- blahk!)
1 pkg Duncan Hines Chocolate Cake mix- Not Devil’s Food
Follow directions on box for mixing
Add 1-3 oz pkg Instant Chocolate pudding- mixing well.
Rinse and drain and chop kraut (1 cup)
Fold into batter- Bake in oblong or (not sure what this word is) pan-

350 degrees
30 min

5 thoughts on “Thunderbolt (Sauerkraut) Cake

  1. I made a zuccini cake once that actually turned out pretty good….I imagine, with all that chocolate (and the fact that you rinse the kraut) that you don’t taste it all that much.

    • When I ate the saurkraut cake I couldn’t tell it had saurkraut in it. It seemed like a waste of time to go to all that trouble, If it just taste like same old chocolate cake. It was one of those fads and it didn’t stick around long. The layer pans or usually round and in 3 different sizes

  2. sounds like a good way to get your kids to eat spinach! Mix it in a chocolate cake and they will never know!!!! haha Would it make eating chocolate cake healthy????

  3. Funny I didn’t realize Ihad read this before until I saw that I had replied to it!! It still sounds revolting!!

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