Things I remember about Theresa & Adolph Sommerer… by Aunt Sis (part 1)

Things I (as a young child that is) remember about my parents,Theresa & Adolph Sommerer.  They were always doing something.  They were going to School meetings at Honey Creek or East Union School where Adolph learned his 3 R’s.  Theresa & Adolph still have those school mates as their best friends.  I remember box suppers, Halloween parties at school, lots of music.  Theresa & Adolph loved music programs and Adolph saw to it that new teachers were anxious and able to put on such plays with rousing music on many occasions.  These same schoolmates whose children are still our good friends, would meet at each others home for wonderful meals & dancing.  I still remember being sent to bed and wake up about 11:00 pm, in my nightie I sat on the stairs and watched them dance, and laugh and have such fun.  The electric lights were all on downstairs.  Very few folks had electric lights in 1920, that is a lovely spot in my heart, when I try to remember, “did Mom & Dad ever have fun?” You bet  they did!

5 thoughts on “Things I remember about Theresa & Adolph Sommerer… by Aunt Sis (part 1)

  1. I wish I could have been alive then when they seemed to have so much young at heart fun. I never saw them like that, but did see them enjoy their friends in the community and their older children when they came home and their wonderful grandchildren (we had the great benefit of having those children to play with (and lock in the outhouse hee hee)so I guess born early or late in the line up there were benefits.

    • I always felt bad for Sis that she was shoved out of the nest at such a early age. Now I think maybe she was the lucky one. She didn’t seem to have the same memories that I have.

  2. I get excited for Fridays! Not because it the end of the week but because I cant wait to see a new Friday Photo on the Sommerer website!

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