Who’s Who? (1970 edition)

Family Reunion July 4th, 1970. You’ve seen The Twelve and you’ve seen Grandma and Grandpa. Now lets do the cousins…


Cousins (click to enlarge)

Lets see if we can figure out who’s who again…

  1. Phillip Vetter
  2. David Sommerer
  3. Greg Vetter
  4. Doug Sommerer
  5. Sam Sommerer
  6. Grandma
  7. Scott Sommerer
  8. Grandpa
  9. Jim Sommerer
  10. Dan Sommerer
  11. Derrick Vetter
  12. Tracy Allen
  13. Becky Cary
  14. Ted Kuegele
  15. Carolynn Jean Schlichmann
  16. Lillian (Micky) Dittmer
  17. Mary (Pam) Folkemer
  18. Kathy Jane Meisinger
  19. Mary Jane Piazza
  20. Linda Lock ??
  21. Leon Sommerer ??
  22. Peter Sommerer
  23. Debbie Hauser
  24. Julie Baker
  25. Mark Sommerer ??
  26. Johnny Williams

22 thoughts on “Who’s Who? (1970 edition)

  1. 10= Danny
    13= Becky
    18= Kathy Jane
    19= MARY jANE
    20= lINDA
    21= lEON
    22= pETER
    24= ME JULIE
    25= MARK
    26= JOHNNY

    • This was taken in 1970 Pete, that’s the year sam was born….and although he was always a lot bigger than me, I’m pretty sure he wasn’t three feet tall at 6 month old! HA!

  2. Okay. My young’uns are: Phil # 1; Greg # 3; Derrick # 11; Tracy # 12. I don’t know where Vince is….he’s not in the pic.

  3. So? Who’s left… Scott Sommerer, Ted Kuegele, Pam Kuegele, Micky Kuegele, Carolynn Jean Sommerer, David Sommerer, Doug Sommerer, Jim Sommerer. Anyone else left? I mean, apart from me. Where am I?

  4. #17 is my mom, Mickey Dittmer.
    And #16 is Pam Folkemer.
    #14 COULD be Ted Kuegele, but I’m not as certain about that one.

  5. Lloyd, for a guy that wasn’t born yet, you have certainly done your homework! I love Linda’s hair in #20 — And are those lederhosen? Is that why she named a daughtet Heidi? #21 is Leon — can we smoke him out to join the fun? Ditto #21 Leon, and #25 Mark. What happened to all our name bearers? Oh yea, that’s why we got Pete.

  6. For such a large family do you realize there are quite a few of us that are lonely only’s? Me, Maryjane, Kathy Jane, Jeannie Marie, Glen Cary Jr. And all of us have more than 1!

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