The Slop Bucket… by Aunt Bea

Mom was a life-saver.  At an early age, Cleopha learned to walk.  Now she was a little taller than the slop bucket.  Definition of a Slop Bucket: It sets close to the kitchen and all used liquids are poured into the slop bucket for watering the hogs.  All dish water, peelings, sour milk or sour cream, water from peeling vegetables from the garden, left over food, coffee grounds, etc. (no body waste).  Anything the pigs could eat or drink.

I remember I was out by the chicken yard or toilet.  I heard mom screaming and hollering.  Cleopha had walked up to the slop bucket and was just the right height to stoop forward and fall in head first.  Mom was ironing in the kitchen and all of a sudden she missed Cleopha and jumped up, opened the screen door and found two little legs sticking out of the bucket.  Later, I looked into the bucket and it was the dirtiest slop in there, really sour and ugly.  I don’t know what mom did  but she saved Cleopha’s life for sure. That was down at Schubert’s.

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  1. The time I remember falling into the slop bucket was when we had the Walters family over on a sunday afternoon and we made ice cream so it was in the summer time.We were playing chasing games and I was running and fell into the slop bucket. I guess I set some kind of record for the slop bucket. It Was on the back porch where it happened .

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