Great Grandpa Sommerer… by Uncle Mahlon

This is Mahlon Sommerer and I now take pen in hand to give you an account.  It may be fiction or it may be fact but it comes from Mahlon’s almanac.  Here’s some of my earliest recollection of life in the Sommerer Clan.

The earliest I can remember was when I was just over two years old.  It was 1934 and we lived at Shubert’s.  I was in a west bedroom with Grandpa Sommerer.  This was my grandpa, my father’s father.  he was whittling out axe handles.  I was trying to get him to play ring around the rosy with me.  I must have been pestering him for most of half an hour.  I remember several times asking him to play ring around the rosy and he kept saying he had to get his axe handle made.

Then the next thing I remember was Mom and I was standing at a window or door looking toward Shuberts watching the cars going up the road and out of sight.  That was Grandpa’s funeral procession going up the hill to where they buried him. So that is one of the few memories I have of Mom and I look back she was probably pregnant with Cleo or Lolly and that’s why she didn’t go to the funeral.  Grandpa died on March 10 and Cleo was born on the 15th in 1935.

4 thoughts on “Great Grandpa Sommerer… by Uncle Mahlon

  1. Mahlon you told that so well I feel like I was there. Keep writing . I enjoy your memories. Mahlon do you remember when i fell into the slop bucket.

    • Cleo, you came out smelling like a rose.

      Under the sink was a five gallon bucket for dishwater and scraps etc. it had a lid – we added wheat or corn to it and the chickens and hogs would eat it better.

      Cleo fell in the bucket at Shuberts. She stepped on the lid and fell in head first. We washed her up and she smelled alright. Bet she was scared though.

      Daddy built the sink and we used it several different houses. It was never connected to a drain until we moved to Lloyd’s place and then it just drained through the wall to a bucket setting in the flower bed.

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