Grandpa, Grandma and The Twelve at Honey Creek

A few months ago someone actually sent me a new copy of this photo. I don’t actually remember who did it, but I would like to know, so maybe you could take credit in the comments?

Anyway, this copy is much better than the one that I had. Not only is it missing the annoying blue ink spots. It actually has everyone in the picture. But I still don’t know when this was taken or what the occasion was. Am I right that it is taken at Honey Creek, below the school office?

Original (click to enlarge)

Retouched a bit (click to enlarge)

Click on either version for a larger picture, and email me if you would like “suitable for printing” copy of either one.

8 thoughts on “Grandpa, Grandma and The Twelve at Honey Creek

  1. This was not Mother and Dady’s 50th anniversary. It was taken at one of our reunions at Honey Creek,by the school house. I would say it was taken in 1969 or 1970, judging by the clothes I have on. I think Lloyd and Sam were babies, which would have made it l970. Dady died in November. Does that sound right brothers and sisters? Vernon let us hear from you. Are you going to the library to read this? Love you all.

  2. My folks have the same one, plus a cousin-one. I was 14 or so with waist length, hippy hair, so it was 1968?? Definately a family reunion, but why was it there instead of the farm?

  3. Maryjane…send in the cousin one. I remember it too. It was the first time we had seen Johnny in a long time. He was so handsome.He was wearing a blue long sleeved shirt that had billowing sleeves and a vest.

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