Gas Rationing… by Uncle Mahlon

Then somewhere along this period (second World War) Dad and I was over south of the house, across the creek, up on that ridge.  The first ridge.  We was building a turkey house.  We had turkeys and he wanted to keep them away from the chickens so they wouldn’t get infected.  You couldn’t raise chickens and turkeys together.  While we were there and a phone call came in and Mom hollered at us to come over real quick that Uncle Herbert was found.  He was in a hospital in St. Louis with a stroke.  So I remember we came back and Dad and Aunt Dora and a bunch of them got together and they decided that they had to go down.  So each one of them had to put in to get enough gas rationing stamps to drive to St. Louis to see their brother that  they hadn’t seen for upteen years.  he had disappeared from home.  So they had quite a deal to get enough gas to get there.

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  1. I didn’t know you couldn’t raise turkeys and chickens together. I also didn’t know (until Christina asked) that female goats had horns. It just never crossed my mind. I’m learning a lot of agriculture trivia

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