Who’s Who

No new posts for you until you figure out who these people are!

Christina Rowland said that I should take a still frame from Aunt Naomi’s home video and make it an image so that we could figure out who was there.

What a wonderful group

Move your mouse over the image for the numbers.

You might be able to tell who is who from the video a little better than from the picture. When you recognize someone, put what number and who they are in the comments (move your mouse over the picture to see the numbers). Disputes will be settled by arm wrestling.

  1. Sam Sommerer
  2. Uncle Ralph
  3. Aunt Florence
  4. Uncle Vernon
  5. Aunt Lolly
  6. Uncle Ed
  7. Grandma
  8. Aunt Margie
  9. Tracy Allen
  10. Uncle Louie
  11. Kenny Williams
  12. Uncle Mahlon
  13. Uncle Justin
  14. Aunt Elizabeth
  15. Bob Williams?
  16. Jane Williams?
  17. Kathy Jane Meisinger
  18. Ted Kuegele?
  19. Johnny Williams
  20. Mary Jane Piazza
  21. Derrick Vetter
  22. Peter Sommerer
  23. Aunt Dorothy
  24. Jim Sommerer?
  25. Aunt Cleo
  26. Dan Sommerer
  27. Becky Cary
  28. Julie Baker
  29. Debbie Hauser
  30. Jeanne Marie Owens
  31. Phillip Vetter
  32. Greg Vetter
  33. Doug Sommerer?
  34. David Sommerer

21 thoughts on “Who’s Who

    • 17 Kathy Jane
      16 Sis /Lillian
      12 Mahlon
      11 Kenny
      10 Louie
      9 Tracy
      6 uncle Ed
      5 Aunt Lolly
      3 Aunt Naomi
      19 Johnny
      30 Jean Marie
      22 Peter
      26 Danny?
      13 Justin
      28 me!
      25 Cleo
      8 Aunt Margie ( that’s how i spell it!)
      14 Aunt Elizabeth
      20 Mary Jane
      21 Derrick
      18 Mark?
      1 Sam
      2 Ralph
      7 Grandma
      27 Becky
      29 Debbie
      24 Jim
      not a clue who 4/24 and 23 are!!!

  1. I think these are correct:

    #4 – Uncle Vernon
    #15 – Uncle Ted
    #3 – Aunt Florence – I think Aunt Naomi is the one videotaping
    #23 – Aunt Dorothy

  2. Lloyd, my mind is blown to bits by all the amazing things you can do with everything about the computer!!! I am e-mailing to you the answers to the picture puzzle (how clever of you!) in case you want to add it later after everyone has guessed.

  3. #15 and 16 look a lot like Bob and Jane Williams. I cam remember them being at our house. I can’t find Kathy Jane on this picture, Who ever 17 is, she is too tall to be Kathy. Help!

    • I’m pretty sure Aunt Naomi said that it was Teddy, but she had some question marks after that one. I don’t know if she would contest your naming or not.

    • You are probably right…it’s weird…where are Felix, Carol and Scott? Other family members are roaming the hills, I guess.

  4. I am confused by the picture also. It does look like Fred and Lil in 15 & 16…but then, where is Ted, Sr. and where is Bea? The reason I decuced it might be Ted, Jr., is that it doesn’t look like anyone else and somebody had to drive Lil there…okay, I know, overactive imagination. Lolly is probably right that it is someone else. The thing that surprises me the most is how different Florence and Vernon look. I don’t remember Vernon having a beard, but it sure looks like he has one.

    • I think the person I thought was Lillian is actually Bob and Jane. Aunt Elizabeths friends. I dont see Fred or Aunt Bea at all. But trust me…That is Mark.We got to know each other really well that summer!

  5. I think that “beard” is some “white noise” or black noise that just happened to land on his chin. You know like crackles in the oldness of the video. His most distinguishing feature is that he is the tallest one there! MUST be him!

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