Where are the Sommerers?

WhitePages.com lets you search through all of the telephone books in the country and sort through the data in various ways. One of the things they do is list where people who have a certain last name live, and what first names those people typically have.

Here’s the map for Sommerer, but you should click on the link, because you can look at the data in other ways as well.

Map of the Sommerers in the US

6 thoughts on “Where are the Sommerers?

  1. Just a quick note about registering on the website. You have to enter a real email address, because it sends you an email that you have to click on to finish the registration.

    If you can’t log in, that might be why. I would be glad to delete your username so you can try again. Just let me know.

  2. apparently the two brothers who came over and went to Missouri and Nebraska were mor prolific then the rest of them! Or maybe they just had more boys…..I keep forgot it was only counting people with the name Sommerer, not the ones related to them.

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