Uncle Vernon’s Story (part 1)

Aunt Naomi recently typed up some of the memories that Uncle Vernon wrote down some time ago (can anyone tell us when?). Here’s the first installment…

I have been asked by my younger siblings to put in writing some of the things that happened to me or to the family when I was young. I’ll start off with a few of my very earliest memories (the events that forever remain in the mind of a child).

  • One day Mom sent me out with a deposit in the pot that Beatrice had just made and told me to give it to Daddy for his lunch. He and another man were out in the well house working on the well.
  • Another earliest memory was a project of getting hair and mop thread out of the rollers on the baby bed we all used.
  • The custom was to go outside for a pee before going to bed.
  • There was large sandstone outcropping near the toilet, and I always wanted to beat on it with a hammer to make sparks.

5 thoughts on “Uncle Vernon’s Story (part 1)

  1. Hey, you live in town. You can’t do that besides where is your outhouse at? Are you going to beat on your patio to make sparks??

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