The World Champion… by Uncle Felix

This one is from Uncle Felix…

The time was when I was in second grade.  Going to East Union School, some of us younger boys, I can’t remember well enough to name names, were playing around the privi.  Some one thought of a contest to see who could pee over the privi.  We all failed except John Rolling.  John that day became “The World Champion.”

4 thoughts on “The World Champion… by Uncle Felix

  1. Please don’t tell this story to Gracen. He will pee whenever/wherever he thinks he can get away with it. Let me tell you… he doesn’t get away with it on the lawn of the city pool! I guess he is truly meant to be a country boy. What’s a mother to do?

    • My thought is “better on the lawn, than in the pool!”

      I can’t say too much…not long ago the neighbor kids ran in to tattle that Declan peed on the dog….turns out he was taking a wiz in the back yard and the dog ran in front of him….I was more upset that he wizzed around the other kids…it’s not like the house was more than 20 paces from him!

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