The Silo Carousel… by Uncle Mahlon

Now when Lolly was born she had a little problem and couldn’t handle cow’s milk.  So Dad bought some goats.  Now you had to have multipurpose animals.  They couldn’t just be milked.  So out by the barn was an old foundation where a silo used to be years before.  It was about a foot across on top and two foot high and it was round about twelve feet across.  So Beatrice and I would go out and catch these baby goats that weren’t very big and put them up on the circle.  Then we’d get up on the foundation and ride the goats.  They were our carousel.  Now we probably weighed more than the goats did.  But they took us around and we spent lots of days out there riding the goats.   So you have to get your fun where you find it.

Please, won’t someone draw a picture of this? Please?

2 thoughts on “The Silo Carousel… by Uncle Mahlon

  1. Get ready to sing…
    Here we go round the silo foundation;
    The silo foundation, the silo foundation.
    Here we go round the silo foundation,
    On goats of baby size. 🙂

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