Sommerer Family Homestead

Here’s an article that appeared in the Jefferson City New Tribune on September 13th, 1999. Uncle Lloyd says that it’s mostly about grandpa’s brother’s farm, but it’s interesting reading anyway. The picture in the lower right is grandpa’s father, the first Sommerer to come to this country. Click on the article for a larger version. If you’d like a really large version (suitable for printing and framing) email me and I’ll send you one.

Sommerer farmstead stayed in same family for 142 years

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  1. A few years ago I purchased author Gary Kremer’s books for Louie for a Christmas gift. I was so pleased to find this story in the book Heartland History, volumn 1, on pages 68, 69 & 70. The book does not however have the pic of Anna & John, nor does it have Harold’s pic.

  2. is Grandpa’s (Adolphs) father Mathis Sr or Mathis jr?
    Who were the seven Sommerer children that grew up in the house?
    very interesting. Wonder if we could arrange a tour?

  3. Olease, some Aunt, Uncle or Mother, tell us the story of this place from Adolph’ view. Was this the place they lost in the depression?

  4. Another interesting place was on grandmas side. Down Rainbow drive brfore you get to Binder Lake there is a big old farmhouse. It boasted a century farm sign on it. It was in the same family for over 100 years. The Earhart Farm. It was sold outside the family just a few years ago. Is that farm in your book? (Aunt Naomi)
    Grandma told me that she remembered going to the place and her father was a good carpenter and he added a front porch on it when she was a little girl. I guess that was her father’s brother’s house.
    I live not too far from that place nd remember when the then current owners remodeled it and tore down the front pourch. I made me sad.

    • Julie the farm on Rainbow drive was the home Phyllis Erhart was born and raised in. Her brother lived in that house until they sold it a few years ago.

    • The only Ehrhardts mentioned in the books (Vol. 1)are named in/at Scruggs Station & Lohman. The names Erna Fischer, Ehrhardt, Lydia Loesch and other names I remember Mom talking about are mentioned. I don’t think this was the same area as Rainbow drive but have no way of knowing, really.

  5. Julie, your grampa (Adolph’s) father was Mathias Junior. The sommerer home on Tanner Bridge, is no longer standing. It was torn down several years ago, and a big, beautiful home built on the same spot. No one is living there, It has not sold yet. When Harold John died, he left to Ralph and I, four of Simon Kerl’s books, One is titled (Kerl’s Poems)1868, and another (Kerl’s First Lessons in English Grammar)1875, another (Kerl’s Primary English Grammar) 1860,and another(Kerl’s Elementary English Grammar) 1869. His book of poems is wonderful. He was a brilliant man. It’s a shame he died so young.

  6. That is a real treasure! I remember that for some reason my mom and I went to his house one time. I remember he seemed to be a nice and gentel man. He was so proud of some old books and showed them to us. I was happy for him that those books made him happy but they were just some old books to me. School books especilly (ylk) Now I know the rest of the story to quote Paul Harvey.

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