Kittens… by Carolyn Jean

This memory is brought to you by Carolynn Jean Schlichmann.

Now, one summer morning around the fourth of July, if not on the fourth, Aunt Marjorie, Uncle Edgar and Kathy stopped by on their way out to Grandma’s for the day. They offered to take me along and I was thrilled to be able to spend the whole day at Grandma’s. Upon departing my Dad said, “Why don’t you take a couple of kittens along because Grandma needs some!”  I was happy to oblige, so Mom got a box, put some rags in it and two little kittens.  I didn’t think we needed a box, we could hold them and play with them on our laps, but I went along with the idea anyway.  Off we went motoring out Tanner Bridge Road.  Not far down the road a horrendous odor filled the car.  Aunt Marjorie made a comment as we passed a barn lot.  Well, I knew better and now I knew why Mom had insisted on bringing the box of rags.  Although the odor didn’t go away, we did finally make it to Grandma’s in good shape.

I took the box of kittens to the house, placed the box on the porch and took the kittens to give to Grandma.  Now Grandma didn’t seem as thrilled to receive the kittens as I was led to believe she wanted them.  Obviously it was more my Dad’s idea of getting rid of some kittens rather than Grandma needing some.

I have many wonderful memories of participating in holiday get-togethers and reunions at Grandma & Grandpa’s.  I remember how cozy and warm Grandma’s house was in winter with the wood burning stoves and the endless buffet of delicious meals.

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