It’s a live one Uncle Lloyd… by Dan Sommerer

The only time I ever remember anyone getting hurt at Grandpa and Grandmas was Uncle Lloyd when the M80, that he was throwing up in the air for all of us kids to hear on the 4th July, blew up in his hand. I remember what that sounded like and all the commotion. He ran passed us into the house with his hand wrapped in a white cloth and it was full of blood. They took him to the hospital. Cousin Lloyd was really little and he cried the whole time his parents were gone. Surprisingly, that didn’t stop Uncle Lloyd from shooting off fireworks for years to come.

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    • Lauren, I’m Sherie Krause, daughter of Herbert J. Fischer, Sr. son of Rosina Canora Sommerer. I have a rather large genealogy that I have been filling in for about the last 10 years. Cleo has been very helpful to me in this. One thing I’m missing is your birthdate. Would you mind giving that to me either here or at my email address Thanks so much. Sherie

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