Cracked up… by Aunt Bea

A memory from Aunt Bea…

I remember down at Schubert we used to get company from Honey Creek sometimes.  One visit (I don’t remember who it was) Cleo was sitting on one side of the table and Mahlon on the opposite side.  Mom owned a beautiful bowl and I guess it had a crack half through it. They both tried to pull the bowl toward them and it cracked and they each had one side and the fruit juice spilled all over the table.  Glad it wasn’t me!

3 thoughts on “Cracked up… by Aunt Bea

  1. I wonder how old they were? Were they that strong or just having a pulling contest. Poor Grandma, I bet she either peeled all that fruit or put it up.

  2. Now that we are talking about cracked bowls, I’ve got one for ya! Mom got a brand new Mix Master from the kids after electricity was installed at our home. I was using the Mix Master when I was about 9 years old? and I broke Mother’s big bowl. The Mix Master always came with two bowls, a large and small one. I felt just awful breaking the bowl because I knew how much Mother loved that appliance. They somehow were able to purchase another shortly after that (I don’t know how), but the moral to this story is…keep yer cotton-pickin’ hands offen ma’s bowls!!

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