Complaint Box

Is there anything here that is not working for you? Is there anything that needs to be changed? Do you have any suggestions? Are we posting too much stuff with new things every weekday? Are we posting too little stuff? Do you have trouble commenting?

What do you think?

10 thoughts on “Complaint Box

  1. I am getting use to it:)
    It might help if on the post itself it told what category it was from.
    If you click on recent comments like I do it just magically takes you there… but If I wanted to find it without clicking a recent comment I just poke around usually under history or others drop down box. I am Not complaining though. You are doing a marvelous job!
    And as far as the how often to post things question… As long as they are coming in…Post it as it comes in. It’s not like it going anywhere…I will still be there for the once a month viewer. But if nothing new comes on, the frequent viewer will get bored with it… (maybe)
    My best regards to the staff!
    P.s. Love Love Love the upcoming birthday thing and now you’ve made it a week or so ahead so that we could send a snail mail card! Good job!

    • Julie, I tried to add the category of the posts. I don’t know that it’s in a great place, but I couldn’t find a better place for it.

      Thanks for all of the good feedback.

  2. How do you start a new post? Make it easy for me like it is on your Lloydandlauren site. I need to be spoon fed ๐Ÿ™‚ I am wondering what is the name of the song we sang Sunday on “give it to the lord in prayer.” I believe that is how it went.

    • If you are logged in, then there is a box at the bottom of the sidebar (on the right) where you can add a new post.

      If you want a few more options on how to format your post, or you just want more space to type, you can click the link below the “add a new post” box that says, “use the full form“. Or, you could just click that link right there.

    • Heidi dont worry about changing the subject…I cant figure out how to make a new post either!!! The only thing I can find by the directions Lloyd gave you is “lost your password”???? Maybe I am not Allowed to start a new post…I doesnt matter, just so we hear from you just hit relpy anywhere and start typing!! It works for most of us on here!! The answer to your question about the hymn we sang sunday about taking it to the Lord in prayer is “What A Friend We Have In Jesus”. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • If you can’t see the post box, then you’re not logged in. Fill in the Username, Password and click on Login (you can also check “Remember me” if you don’t want to have to do that all the time).

        Of course, Julie is right. You can add anything you like anywhere with the reply links.

  3. Thanks Julie for the hymn info. I am needing to remember to take it to the lord in prayer. Having some difficult times right now. Needing some prayers please.

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