12 thoughts on “Aunt Naomi’s Home Movies

  1. Thankyou Aunt Naomi and Lloyd!!! That was a real treasure! Lloyd you were such a pretty baby! I remember your age group had lots of babies and we would play pass the baby and there were plenty to go around!!! It was so good to see JeanMarie’s little smiling face. Boo hooo I wanna go back there and see those people again. Back the way we were.

    • There were so many good bits from Aunt Naomi’s movie. But I thought it would be better to make several short ones than one long one. Besides, this one lasted exactly one song.

      Has anyone looked at the more dramatic version? It’s really strange how one change can make the whole thing feel different.

      • Yes I watched it. Much more deamatic for sure… like the upbeat one bettter. It is amazing how it changes the feeling. Never realized or thought about how important the music is!!!

  2. I am guessing that the baby is Steve, or Meri, Sam was 1 and a half, and Tracy was two when Steve was born. Naomi do you know? That was a wonderful movie! I loved it. Thank you Naomi and Lloyd jr.

  3. Cool video. I was hoping to see a shot of my beautiful wife as a baby, but I gather she was born yet. Oh well, I hope maybe in the next couple of films (if there are anymore).

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