The Marjorie Beck Story (part 1)… by Aunt Marji

Aunt Marji writes

I was born on March 24, 1925 at the “First Place.”  The folks put out a garden that morning.  I had two sisters and two brothers then.  When I was one and a half years old, I had another brother and a few years later another brother.

The folks lost the farm in the crash.  We moved to the “Second Place” then.  I was in the first grade at Union School.  We walked to school.  I don’t remember if we lived at the second place long enough to plant a garden!!  I remembered Bud and Sis were very sick when we lived there and Dr. Hill stayed with them all night.

We moved to the “Third Place” near Aunt Nora’s and went to Honey Creek Lutheran School the rest of the year, then switched to Pleasant Valley Public School when I was in the second grade.  We walked to school.

3 thoughts on “The Marjorie Beck Story (part 1)… by Aunt Marji

  1. Lloyd says The Third Place was Rilius Beck’s Place along what is now Hwy 54. Pleasant Valley Public School is where aunt Ada lived. They made the school into a house. There is a beauty shop there in front of the house now.

    • Aunt Ada’s house used to be a school? That house had such a strange, modern layout. It always amazed me as a child. By the way (for everyone else) Aunt Ada is my mom’s aunt. It’s not strange that you guys don’t know her.

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