Secrets… by Aunt Bea

One of the things we want to do with the website is publish items that some people have that maybe not everyone has seen. I have some of the things that our aunts and uncles (or great aunts and uncles or grandparents etc.) have written down that they remember from when they were young. We’re especially interested in other memories that these spark in you. Maybe things you remember or maybe things that you’ve heard. Here’s a memory from Aunt Bea…

I remember when Cleo was born and we weren’t allowed in the bedroom, called the Orchid room.  One morning, I remember daddy brought her into the kitchen where it was warm and showed us the new little baby.  I also remember when Lolly was a new baby, Daddy bringing the new little baby into the kitchen to show to us all.  Both babies had the prettiest dark eyes.  I was going to Forest Hill School and it was kinda close to Christmas and we were not allowed to tell anyone about our new baby.  Around the time of Christmas vacation mom let us tell at school and the teacher, Miss Margaret Hoffman, and others couldn’t get over our keeping it a secret.

There was a reason for that, Daddy always said it was less trouble to keep house by himself than have helpers trying to take over, and company coming to visit as it disrupted the family as well.  Mom stayed in bed ten days after a birth.  It was expected.

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  1. That would be a hard secret for a little one to keep! Wouldn’t people realize Grandma wasn’t going to church and things?

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