Hide and Wash Dishes… by Uncle Mahlon

Here’s another memory. This one is from Uncle Mahlon. Ask him questions about it, and we’ll see if we can get him to answer…

Another memory of Mom was when we were playing hide and go seek in the house.  Mom had been washing dishes.  We would hide and be found.  In order to hide Beatrice, Mom took off her dress and put it on Beatrice and stood her on a box at the sink.  The kids just thought she was Mom.  Mom stood outside the house and watched from a window.  We came in and looked and couldn’t find her.  When we finally found her, she had almost washed all the dishes from supper.  That almost made her mad because she didn’t like to wash dishes.

And then from there most of my memories were with Marjorie being my mother.  Anything I did for the next several years I had to come to Marjorie first.  She was in charge of me.  Mom was always busy with something else.  So Margie was really a mother to me in lots of ways.

10 thoughts on “Hide and Wash Dishes… by Uncle Mahlon

  1. This is a fantastic memory! I can imagine the laughter upon discovering Aunt Bea. And how creative was Grandma!?!? I’ll have to remember this for future use – especially at dish washing time.

    • She is eight years older than Mahlon.Don’t you know he was a handful! He says she made beautiful dresses too and dressed Cleo up like Shirley Temple.

      This family is so talented…

  2. You know Aunt Marjie and Uncle Mahlon are both a little onory….I wonder how much stuff Aunt Majie let him get a way with that Grandma wouldn’t have?

  3. Mahlon,
    Do you remember the time us last 5 kids were playing hide and seek and you (I was pretty little, but I remember it) put me inside Daddy’s bib overalls that hung behind the bedroom door? I just hung there inside the overalls behind the door. They never found me there. You were so clever!

    • I’m don’t think uncle Mahlon has registered yet (of course, that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been here). But someone might have to twist his arm a bit to get a response…

    • Aunt Naomi, how long did they leave you hanging there? That is a brilliant hiding spot! When we used to play hide and go seek, Grandma would get so mad at us if we hid in her flower beds!

  4. Dad’s sitting in my dining room and Mom’s reading the internet to him. He said that grandma did the same thing when he was a kid. With his generation of kids grandma put Aunt Lolly on a can in front of the stove when they were playing hide-and-go-seek.

    Grandma put a coat from behind the door on aunt Lolly and a hat, and then Grandma slipped out the door and onto the porch.

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