Happy Anniversary!!!

Well, looking at the calendar, I’d say that Christina and Rachel did a fine job on birthdays. But it would be nice to have anniversaries on there as well. Of course, to do that we’d actually have to have those dates. So how about taking a minute and post any of the anniversary dates that you happen to have somewhat handy.

There will be a prize for the person who posts the most (duplicates don’t count). I’ll start us off.

5 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary!!!

  1. I don’t know if I’m submitting this in the right place….Sorry, if not.

    Wedding dates for Vetter Family

    Naomi & Louie Vetter June 9, 1962
    Greg & Christy Vetter April 15, 1995
    Vince & Deanne Vetter April 26, 1997
    Derrick & Mary Beth Vetter August 25, 1995
    Tracy & Curtis Allen September 16, 2000
    Tiffany & Chris Petro October 14, 2007

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