Grand Opening

Okay, maybe Grand is too strong a word, but it is definitely an opening. You’ll notice that things are still a little rough around the edges. Mostly, there are things that we wish we had time to do that we just haven’t. So be a little patient at first.

We have information that is incomplete. Dates that are wrong. Pictures that are copies of copies of copies. All sorts of things that my dad would yell at me for, except that there’s really no chance that he’ll ever read this.

What should you do first?

  1. Register. There are parts of the site that you can’t see until you register.
  2. Comment. Every article on the site is meant to be a starting point, not an ending point. You can write your first comment by scrolling down a little bit and just saying “Hi.”
  3. Get Involved. If you see a mistake, let us know and we’ll fix it. If you notice something missing, write it up and we’ll publish it.

There’s a HELP section that answers a lot of questions, and lets you ask new ones. There’s also a CONTACT section if you want to send in an email. All of the really interesting links are along the top of the page. Check them out…

12 thoughts on “Grand Opening

  1. Many thanks to those talented and tech savvy Sommerers for preparing this website for all of us. What a fun way to stay connected. Just 363 more days till the next family reunion at Heit’s Point!

  2. Wow, Lloyd and Co., thanks for all your hard work on this site! I LOVE the family member list in “Tools”! Where was this two days ago when I really needed it? LOL! BTW, I’ll message you privately to fill in some of the missing Kuegele cousin info. I also really like the feature where you can point to a name and the box pops up telling how that person fits into the family. Thanks for helping all of us “out-of-towners” stay connected!

    • Yes, just pass anything that needs to be added on, and we’ll see that it gets changed. The best way to send that information in is to use the contact link at the top of the page. That way the information will go to several people, and maybe get updated a little more quickly.

  3. Lloyd, I thought the “Grand Opening” deserved a “Grand Picture”! For anyone who would like pictures, here is the Walmart Link to order them:

    I hope this works…the link is also on my Facebook page if this doesn’t work

  4. I am so proud to call these folks my in-laws… or are they outlaws? Either way – I love the bunch! BTW – Christina, nice photography!

    • The only time I ever remember anyone getting hurt at Grandpa and Grandmas was U. Lloyd when the M80 he was throwing up in the air for all of us kids to hear on the 4th July and it blew up in his hand. I remember what that sounded like and all the commotion. He ran passed us into the house with his hand wrapped in a white cloth and it was full of blood. They took him to the hospital.

      One time there was a get together at G&G’s and there was a hay ride. A bunch of kids and parents riding in that old 2 wheeled wagon that was connected to the WD45 Allis Chambers tractor (the one you had to hand crank to start, how many arms did it break starting it?). We had just crossed the dip below the pond and before you get to the creek and the wagon became unhooked. In a split second Pete jumped off of the wagon and started holding back the wagon, it was pulling him along but he never let go. He held it back from gaining to much speed until other Uncles could catch up to help him. Pete, I’ll never forget that, you are my hero and always have been!!!! I hope you read this note. I’m not sure I’ve ever told you that but its a very true story.

      WE were allowed to do so many things at G & G that I would never let me kids do—why is that??

      I love you all. Danny

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