Birthday Wishes

Happy birthday to Kenny Williams and Rachel Sommerer, and also to everyone we missed. I think we have about 40 people’s birthdays (out of something like 180 people in the family). If you’re interested, you can check to see if we’re missing someone and send in an update. If you send in any birthdays, include the year so that we can put it on the timeline as well.

Feel free to share any embarrassing stories about Ken or Rachel.

6 thoughts on “Birthday Wishes

  1. Kenny was a beautiful child. He had long curly, blond, hair. a real doll. Elizabeth and Justin came home each summer to spend two or three weeks. That was the high light of our lives, we had these two nephews to play with. Kenny was about three years old, He would not drink the milk, from our milk cows, Elizabeth always had to go to the store and buy milk in the glass bottles for him. One day she got tired of this so she just filled the milk bottle with our milk. Kenny drank it, and was fine with it. We laughed about that. He grew up to be a fine man.

    I don’t know of anything embarrassing to say about Rachel. She is a very loving and fine daughter-in-law.

  2. Yes, he did grow up to be a very fine man. Too bad about his “long, curly, blond hair” though. It was most likely due to the cow’s milk trick that it all fell out. So sad.

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