A Quick Update

Just a quick update on the website. About two dozen family members have registered for the site. That’s a great start, and it covers most branches of the family to one extent or another. There are a few dozen more who read the site, but haven’t decided to register yet. Nothing wrong with that, but you do have to register to really use the tools section of the site.

Lots of people have been sending in things that we can post on the site, and we’ll get those out over the next few weeks. Our plan is to post something new every weekday. If you miss a day, just scroll down and you can see the posts for the last week. If you missed some things before that, there’s an “Older Entries” button at the bottom of the page.

Christina suggested that we add a category for recipes, and that’s in place now. It won’t actually show up until someone sends in a recipe for us to post. I was hoping someone knew how to make grandma’s bread.

We don’t actually know what to do about birthdays. At first we thought we would post a “happy birthday” post to everyone on their birthday, but that would lead to some weeks where there were nothing but birthday posts. So we’re still trying to work that one out. If you have any suggestions, let us know. We did move the “On This Day” thingy (that’s the technical language) to the top of the sidebar.

We’re also trying some new things to make the site easier to use. To make it easier to see people’s comments, the comments for the current post now show up right below the post on the homepage (so you don’t have to click an extra time). To make adding things to the site easier registered users can post items using the “Add a New Post” form on the bottom right or by clicking a link in the same area.

Finally, I wanted to point out a couple of things that were posted earlier in case anyone missed them the first time:

Take care and keep in touch.

One thought on “A Quick Update

  1. Uncle Lloyd said that we had some of the family in the wrong birth order on the Family Members page. He knew they were in the wrong order because he had aunt Jane print off a copy of it for him. He doesn’t want Al Gore to know everything that he does.

    Anyway, apparently we had aunt Margie and uncle Felix backwards and aunt Lolly and aunt Naomi backwards. They should be forward now.

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