2011 Reunion Thoughts & Ideas

Mark your calendars now!  The 2011 reunion dates are: Friday, July 1st – Sunday, July 3rd.  Reservations have been made with HP so we are guaranteed the space.  Any thoughts or reflections from the 2010 reunion that may help us plan for 2011 would be greatly appreciated!

24 thoughts on “2011 Reunion Thoughts & Ideas

  1. Sam and I think it would be great fun to have a whole hog roast next year. We are looking into who might be able to do it for us and how much it would actually cost. What do y’all think? Does anyone have any experience with this?

  2. Just a couple of notes for next year:

    Photo – we need one row of small benches in front of the tables with space for at least one row of people standing on the ground behind the brothers and sisters, and one row of small benches in front of the brothers and sisters holding young adults, not children. One row of children kneeling and one row of children sitting. Need to bring something to hang from the tri-pod for the kids to look at.

  3. I think it would be fun to have a Trivia night with questions about the family from stories shared on the website.! Do you think people will set still (or in one place) long enough to do that?

  4. I have some experience in the whole hog roast thing but it was just in the beer drinking part of it!!!! Sorry

    We had a boar one time that I raised when I was growing up and I either couldn’t sell it or it got hurt, so Dad (Ralph) took it to someone to have it whole hog cooked with an apple in its mouth. The guy told him it would taste good is probably still laughing at the bunch of dummy’s that thought it wouldn’t taste like boar meat. I can still see its glazed over open eyes and smell the awful strong smell.

    I just lost my appetite for whole hog roast.. yuk. Plus, we were to young do drown the taste in beer.

  5. On April 10th after church, at Honey Creek, about 11:30, our youth group is having a concert to try to raise money to go to the next National Lutheran Youth Gathering. Our group is doing the concert. The kids will have hamburgers and hotdogs, chips etc to buy. The concert is free will donation, and worth every cent!! But, one thing is for sure we will have fun.

    Hope you can make it. Any questions about it please just ask. Danny

  6. Wouldn’t “A Whole-Hog” festivity be a hula, hoolahoop, glassey-eyed kind of time!??!! I can come up with the apple and a hoop or two. Any more thoughts about this?

  7. Hey all, I’m gonna change the subject just a bit. I’m going out on a limb here so don’t pounce on me to hard if you don’t agree.
    I cant help but notice that a few do a lot of work when it comes to the meals at HP. I know that those that do it volunteer and are happy to provide but the flip side to that is they basically don’t get to take a load off to enjoy themselves and visit the majority of the weekend. Some go from breakfast to fixing lunch and then right to starting dinner. Don’t get me wrong I know I don’t do more than most,this is just an observace of mine. I thought that maybe we could do breakfast(s) on our own to let these realatives be able to take it easy in the mornings. Maybe this could allow them to sleep a little longer so they can stay up later to visit as usual. Breakfast is easy to keep and transport, does not take up much space, and is cheap (cereal, fruit, doughnutts, granola, oatmeal, yogert, etc.). This is just an idea and thought that I would throw it out there b/c I know that the realatives that do this would never ask such for themselves. No biggy if its a bad idea.

  8. Randee, it’s really more FUN than anything and a labor of love. We love being together and cooking and sharing our past experiences. It lets us reminisce…. I’m not doing it ’cause nobody else will do it. I see it as the high point of our reunion. Don’t feel bad about your take on the situation. We love you but there’s a lot of joy spread around as we gather with the purpose of serving each other. for the siblings it’s a chance to really visit together.

  9. Randee’s biggest worry is going to be keeping those beautiful boys of hers away from the influences of Debbie and Becky. As well as keeping them out of the lake…. Ha Ha. I can still remember taking Lance and Chance to the lake for the first time. Denise stayed home with Hance when he was a baby. I put the life vests on the boys and told them to stay with me until we got over to the big dock (where we eat our dinners) I looked down to pick up a cooler and towels and I heard a joyous scream, looked up to see both boys running full speed toward the lake and jumped in—-good thing Denise wasn’t there to see that. I would have been in big trouble. They have been disobeying me ever since…

    The very best times I’ve had at HP with our family is peeling potatoes for breakfast. Whitni talks about mixing the scrambled eggs with Jim and his drill every time we talk about HP. One is my special memories will always be talking to the cooks that are BBQing pork steaks for the big family supper before the ballgame.

    There are only 3 things I would tweak about the HP reunion and they would be:

    1. More people stayed to help clean the pavilion after sunday morning breakfast—-some of the girls may say “After each meal help more with the clean up”

    2. The lake would be a nicer place for all to swim.

    3. Pete would buy a better brand of beer

    For those 3 petty things to be the only dumb things I would change—it must be a pretty special time with loved ones.

    Randee I can’t wait to see Lake and Lane in the batters box at the ball game… Love to all—you all are so special.


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