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  1. Nothing could have stopped me from coming to Grandma’s funeral. I was nearly 41, working in our office full time, and just found out I was pregnant with Olivia. I left the boys with my Ron’s mother in our house, and headed out in a terrible New England winter. Ron was in Puerto Rico. I remember the huge hug from Peter that must have lasted 5 minutes. Lord was there a lot of crying. It was good to have everyone together again — even Scotty, and I hope it won’t be the last time I see him. I didn’t want to draw attention to myself, so didn’t mention I was pregnant, but I was having strange “cravings” — like lemonade in February. I wondered if people would guess that something was up. It was the only thing that tasted good to me!
    On the way home, I landed at Hartford airport in a severe ice storm about 10 at night. The pilot said not to even think about driving home in what he just had to land in. Of course I did, thinking I should get home to Ian and Jordan. I no sooner got on Interstate 91 going north from CT into MA, that both windshield wipers caked with ice, broke off and flew off the car. I had seconds to get my wobbley Chevy Astrovan to the break down lane. Semi tractor trailors wizzed by, inches from me on glare ice. Emergency call boxes are located on the sides of 91, every half mile. Worst case senerio, I would have to walk a 1/4+ mile in an ice storm to locate the next call box. This was well before cell phones. I looked out the window on the passenger side, and one was directly out my car window, so close that all I had to do was reach out, pick up the receiver, and give it a pull. Thanks Grandma, for “doing” that! I could just see that twinkle in her eye from on high. A sympathetic female trooper arrived, the van was towed and I spent the night with one of my former TWA crew members’ room. The next day was bright sunshine like nothing ever happened.

    • Dear Mary Jane , I enjoyed reading about your trip home from Mothers funeral. It made me feel bad because while you were having all that trouble. We were at Grandmaws house. Britney was a baby. All of Lloyds family were there . Felix played his harmonica while the kids danced. Lolly and some of her boys and Scott Sommerer was there. We need to see Scott Sommerer again, please family encourage Scott and his brother Mark to attend our family reunion next year. I have pictures taken at this Happy-sad time. Mary Jane you need to tell THE REST OF THE STORY. Tell us about Oliva.

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