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  1. The girls wore little scarves around their necks at all times. We wore black and white saddle oxfords, broom stick skirts, wide elastic belts, Short hair cuts for girls were just becoming popular by the time I was a Junior in high school. The jidder bug was the big dance of the time. We had really good country music back in those days, and beautiful popular music, with good words and tunes. Johnnie Cash and Elvis were my favorite male singers. There were so many good female singers, Patty Page, Doris Day, ect.

  2. In the 50’s and 60’s I remember going to church wearing the best dress I had, hose (the kind with the seam up the back), a hat and gloves!!! What a change to now days with people coming to church in shorts and tee shirts!

  3. I had a leather sleeless short dress….our dresses were very short back in the seventies. Our hair was flipped up on the ends and we were not allowed to wear pants to high school. My favorite group was the beach boys. Judy

  4. In high school our skirts had to touch the floor if you were to kneel down.
    When were the bobby socks and poodle skirts the rage? I remember them. White sports coats and pink shoe laces. The polyester men’s suits.

    • I remember Way back, maybe the 50ies when the papers and magazines talked about someday people would buy paper dresses and throw them away instead of washing them.That was to be in our future. It didn’t happen,and I dont think it ever will. I get attached to my clothes. With the washing machines and driers we have now it really isn’t a problem .

      • Washers and dryers have freed up so much time for people. Imagine how many hours we stood at the old washing machine and the ironing board!!! Now with all the new-fangled appliances, I am waiting for someone to invent a hanger that does not tangle up with other hangers. Those evil things are the drudge of my life.

    • the papers dresses were part of something we put on for a party. It would have been in 1968 or 69.
      That was when I worked for the telephone company in Harvey. not many o f those dresses lasted which is why they are antiques.

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