Samantha Folkemer Update

Nathan Folkemer added this to the website a little while ago. I’m posting it to the front page just in case anyone missed it.

Thank you all for the continued support and prayers. God’s provision for us has been very evident. I apologize for not posting an update until now. The good doctors at The Siteman Cancer Center have been absolutely awesome.

We left Jefferson City expecting Samantha to undergo surgery within a day or two, since that was the only plan presented to us in Jeff City. But Siteman changed things up, and we believe it to be a superior plan. Samantha has an oncologist (cancer specialist), Colon surgeon and Liver surgeon. We met the colon surgeon first, and his plan was to delay surgery and start chemotherapy immediately. Our oncologist concurred. The advantage of this plan is that it will halt all cancer growth, hopefully reduce the masses and hopefully allow the liver to recover at least a bit. This plan is excellent because it provides immediate treatment to her liver, which seems to of the highest concern. We report to the hospital every other Friday for a half-day of on-site chemo treatment, then Samantha gets to go home with a nifty fanny pack that continues to administer chemo until Sunday afternoon.

She has had one round successfully completed with minimal side effects, and we are scheduled to report to the hospital this upcoming Friday for round #2. It is my understanding that we should expect 3-6 months of chemo, depending on how effective it is. If the chemo really shrinks the cancer effectively, they will continue chemo treatments until it does as much as it can. That may be as fast at 3 months or longer than 6 months. If the cancer is not responsive to chemo, they will be quick to try other chemo drugs or methods, and also be quick to remove what they can surgically. So the plan is to stay in St. Louis, complete chemo, then have an amazingly effective surgery, and maybe a final round of chemo to really zap it. However it all pans out, we have the highest trust in our team of doctors, A calming faith in God’s plan, and family and friend that are providing prayers and support. So, thank you all who keep us in your prayers. And I will do my best to update in a timely fashion!


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  1. Thank you for that Nathan. We will continue to pray for your beautiful family and know this will be a Christmas like no other. Hold each other in love and faith. Tweek that adorable Ophelia for us!

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