The house where Uncle Mahlon was born……

Everyone will have to bear with me……it seems that my brother Lloyd has been abducted by aliens and has stopped posting our Friday Photos……..I have LOTS of photos, but most of them would probably not be of interest to the majority of you all, as they are mostly photos of cows and penguins (I have a fetish).   But I did happen to get my hands on these photos of a trip that my dad (Uncle Lloyd) and Uncle Mahlon (someone elses dad) took this past April to the house that he (Uncle Mahlon) was born in.

As a dutiful daughter, I asked my dad pertinent questions about the house, but I had to help my son study for a science test this week and none of the house stuff stuck.  However, I can tell you roughly what a phylum is and it’s relationship to a kingdom!

This is a nice picture of Uncle Mahlon… would be even better if it had a cow or a penguin in it, but alas, it does not.

So, here is what you all need to do…….anyone who might have lived in this house with Uncle Mahlon or who knows any information about this house, should write something about it for the rest of us.  If you did not live in this house, or you don’t know anything about this house, please finish this phrase…..”A cow and a penguin enter a bar……..”

ps – if you don’t want more very silly photo Friday posts from me, please find my brother and pay off the aliens who are holding him hostage.

9 thoughts on “The house where Uncle Mahlon was born……

  1. On the DVD of Mother visiting the “Seven Places” where they lived, I remember her talking about part of that house being a log cabin (and other things). It must be covered up with wood. It would be so much fun to go inside that house. We were not able to when we visited it. If those ornery aliens would bring Lloyd back, maybe he could put that segment of the DVD on this wonderful, amazing, incredible, glorious website!

    • I enjoyed the pictures of the Relius Beck farm. I have never been there. I would love to see it sometimes. Maybe this fall we can get Vernon and Mahlon and Lloyd and go there and take the rest of us with them . Do we have to get permission from someone? Who? Does anyone know who owns it now? This is the house the family lived in before they moved to the much loved Bockhorst house in Schubert, Missouri where Lolly and I were born

    • I would love to have a link to the 7 places video! I guess since its on tape, someone would have to convert it to digital then upload it to you tube. I saw it once and if I remember it was windy and hard to hear what Gmw was saying…would be nice to have the conversation printed on the bottom as it plays. But I dont know how to do that……alas If I get my hands on those aliens they’ll be sorry they messed with my cousin.

  2. I have it on DVD and I’ll try to make you a copy. I don’t think it should be put on You tube, however. (It has very personal items on it if I remember correctly). The wind was very irritating…but it depended on which way the camera was pointing/wind was blowing, but I think most of it is okay. Just got back from spending the last 4 days in Overland Park with my girls. I scanned old letters in Tracy’s computer and then copied them to a flash drive. It took me 14 hours to do all of them. The paper was/is 49 years old and brittle and so am I brittle. ha ha

    • Are you talking about the grapevine (or whatever it was) that was growing up the side of the house that Mahlon was born in?

  3. No there was a large grapevine on a fence a little up the hill. It appeared to be 6 inches in diameter. It was splayed out in both directions. You can’t see it in the picture.

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  5. Thanks to the random blogger (was it someone from our extended family perhaps?) who posted a recent comment to this entry. I was wondering if this was one of the places that have since been torn down. A couple years ago we went looking for one of the places Margie had lived and couldn’t find it due to a new subdivision and reconfiguration of the road. I wonder if this is what she was looking for. As this post was from 2011, it must have been 2015 or 2016 when we took that drive to take her to some of the places she remembered. Uncle Mahlon was born sometime after Christmas, the year Margie turned 8. Her story is that Mahlon was hers to take care of when he arrived. Any other info for us to share about this house? Is it still standing?

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