4 thoughts on “Cole County Historical Society

  1. John J. Sommerer reminds me a lot of Eddie Erhardt. And did you know that Brittney’s middle name is Katherina (John J’s wife’s name)? I got it from a geneology list that Dad (Uncle Lloyd) had at the house.

  2. Rachael this was very interesting to me. The Sommerer in Neb married a Bassman in the late 1890’s at Honey Creek and then moved to Neb. We were just discussing his store in Neb. Makes some sense now. The Bassman was into merchantile and probably his daughter married the Sommerer. (that is my speculation only) Sometimes I learn things I wasn’t even trying to find out.

  3. Christina, a while back you were making plans for a family float trip. I think we decided to do it after the 4th. Any more news on what weekend it would be so I can make sure and request off from work?

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