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    • We can’t just post that sort of thing on the Internet. Then everyone would know it… Say… Maybe you’re not really Aunt Naomi if you don’t know the secret handshake.

        • On the Family Website Home Page, just below the family photo, is an invitation from Lloyd to “check out the help page to learn to use the tools, etc…” I clicked on it to see what I might learn, and saw the “handshake” tool…ha ha

  1. This is Schubert’s place. It had alot of rooms. I remember Grandpa Sommerer sitting in a room and whittling on an axe handle. I wanted him to play ring around the rosy and he said he didn’t have time cause he had to get the axe handle fixed so he could chop the wood for that night.

    In another room but upstairs Vernon was grinding horseradish and the fumes were so thick you couldn’t breathe…

    The house was big I don’t remember how many rooms there were. I was three or four. Out in the back was a chicken house with a little door between the roost room and a scratching room (Playground for chickens). We came home from church and I dashed out there in my church clothes to get the eggs in my brand new hand me down knickerbocker pants and suit coat. There were too many eggs to hold so I put some in my pockets and climbed through a chicken hole or door about 16″ square to the other room to look for eggs. The eggs broke in one of my pockets and I didn’t know it until I was passing the eggs to Mom and when I reached into my other pocket I pulled out a handful of fresh broke eggs and Mom just shook her head and told me to take my pants off so she could wash them. Marylynn says I caused my mother lots of grief!

  2. Thanks, Mahlon for the wonderful memories. I am glad to know it is the Schubert house, because I wasn’t sure. Did the folks rent some of those rooms out? Did you little kids sleep 3 or 4 to a room to make enough rooms to rent out?

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