7 thoughts on “Photo Friday Art Shot

  1. Aunt Naomi is far left, Uncle Lloyd, Aunt Cleo, far right Aunt Lolly. Yes Julie your mom is very beautiful. So is Aunt Naomi and Uncle Lloyd.

  2. It looks like we may all have something in our hands, like maybe a cookie. And it looks like Lloyd is chewing his. I love this picture!

  3. that looks like it is in the backyard by the smokehouse. Wow, now I know where we all get our good looks from!

  4. I don’t know where I got that photo. I think it may have come from Lloyd Sr.? And if not, it must have come from Elizabeth’s box of photos we were allowed to go through after she passed. I don’t remember any of the dresses or how old we were. I am surprised because it seems like I would have remembered such a pretty dress.

  5. I wish we knew who took this picture and where it has been all these years.I don’t remember ever seeing it before.I wish we could see what we were wearing.I am wondering if it was a dress that I made myself.Do we know how old Lloyd is on this picture? It looks like the wind was coming from the west and we are facing into the wind.We all look nice on this picture. It is the only picture of myself that I ever liked. Does anyone remember posing for this picture?

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