16 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Grandpa & Grandma

  1. Boy that motion and Grandma’s face look like she was swattin’ his hand away from whatever she’s holding…..I wonder what it is?

  2. It will forever be a mystery what they were looking at…it looks like a big envelope…but what is in it??? An amzing story could be built around ‘the envelope.’

    • Maybe it’s the secret treasure map of where they buried the gold! Oh, wait, that’s in the love our family all has for each other!

      • Speaking of treasure maps (sort of). When we were little, Uncle Mahlon had me absolutely convinced that there was a cave on the farm. He had forgotten where it was, but if I just kept looking, someday I would find it.

    • Looks to me like they are looking at an open book and the pages are being blown by the wind. Wonder what book would be so important to them to have a picture of them looking at it? She looks young there.

  3. Sorry Peter, I miss understood your little joke. Julie explained it to me. They were all so cute.Julies boyfriend was there that day. I don’t know why he wasn’t on the picture. Those were the good old days at Grandmas house. We are so lucky to have these pictures. The 2 pictures of Grandma and Grandpa and Grandpa and his first 3 children, I had never seen before.I was surprised that that pictures existed that I had never seen.Julie just gave me a new phone that does everything. She has been trying to teach me to use it today. Julie said it you all call me your numbers will be in my phone. I am not sure if I will know what to do if the phone rings

    • I gave her the HTC evo for her birthday!! She was watching TV on it when I left. Happy Birthday Bena we love you! Her birthday is this coming Tuesday!

      • her cell # is 573-230-8222. She needs practice with nice people that wont get mad at her if she accidentally hangs up on them! She could use practice texting too!

    • Cleo,

      I just got a NEW qwerty keyboard phone recently…and I can tell you this, I never swore so much in my life using it, but I’ve got it down pretty well now. I had to use it at work and didn’t have any choice, so I think that is the key to learning to use ther dern things. Just use it all you can right away. I like the qwerty because the one I had before I had to press the keys 3 or 4 times to make alphabets.

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